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The Young Researchers' Worldwide Network on Economic Development, Public Policies and Law
The Young Researchers Worldwide Network aims at bringing together masters, PhD candidates, young doctors and faculty members to exchange ideas and experiences, o discuss research methods and lines of research in areas connected to economic development, and to implement economic policies. The name of the network, 'cogitare et agere' (thinking and doing, in Latin) stresses the focus on real problems of our society and solutions and strategies to overcome these problems.

Most of its members are members of the iSNiE (international Society for New institutional Economics), alumni of ESNiE (European School for New institutional Economics) and Ronald Coase institute workshop, but the membership is not limited to members of these organizations. Today the network has members in 32 countries in 5 continents, and covers an extensive research agenda. The members come from areas as varied as applied social sciences (including anthropologists, economists, lawyers, business administrators and sociologists), and cognitive and behavioral sciences. Tndnet.Org should be an umbrella for several projects, functioning as a trademark that assures the quality of the works developed under its patronage. if successful as a trademark, the network can facilitate the participation in conferences, the qualification for grants and, for the search for sponsorship and other kind of material support for the participants of the network.

The network intends to give publicity to the researches made by young scholars and researchers, and to improve the quality of these works by allowing the contact among the researchers and other members of the network. For this purpose, the network divulgate papers and researchers' contact information through the network's website, conferences, workshops and the publication of academic journals. The institution has funded some research projects, and its main focus is to help and encourage research projects with practical results. besides this financial support, the network intends to provide useful information about resources available from several foundations and to help researchers to publicize their works, find co-authors and search for job positions in these areas.

First President (2006-2007 tenure): ivan C. Ribeiro

Founders: alexander Tokarev, andres Gallo, brisa Ferrão, Eliza Hammel, Emre Deliveli, Ernán Palau, Gustavo barroso, igor Kustov, ivan Ribeiro, Meelis Kitsing, Ning Wang, Paul armstrong-Taylor.


  • The 3rd World Conference will be held in Toronto, Canada, in June 23-24th 2008, just after iSNiE Conference. Check our call for papers.





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